Beginning of civilization

Beginning of civilization

Beginning of
Beginning of civilization


People lived in small groups and moved from place to place in search of food during most of the prehistoric periodsThey hunted, fished as well as gathered wild plants. 

Around 9000 BC the development of agriculture began with a growing of crops and the domestication of animals in the Middle East. 

As the prehistoric people were also better farmers as they began to produce enough food to support larger villages. In due course of time, some farming villages developed into the first cities. 

Food was plenty and more and people began to take up other occupations. They began to develop the arts, crafts, trade and other activities of civilized life. 
Beginning of
Beginning of civilization


Agriculture also led to social and technological changes. Whole and the sickle and some other farming implements were developed by the farmers to make their work easier. 

The invention of farming paved the way for the development of civilization. The word civilization comes from the Latin ‘service’ which means a citizen of a city. 

Civilization consists of the art customs, technology form of government, and everything else that makes up the way of life in society. 

Ancient civilization refers to the way of life that existed around the Mediterranean Sea beginning before 3000 BC and ending with the fall of Rome in 476 AD.  

Early civilization arose and flourished in the river valleys for various reasons.


Beginning of
Beginning of civilization
One of the reasons being that the soil of the river valley is very fertile, hence agriculture was easier here than elsewhere. 

It was very easy to sink wells or dig canals in the soft soil of these rivers. 

They could get fooled by fishing, grow crops and could get soft clay for building their houses. 

The inhabitants of this place could use the rivers to go from place to place in their crude boats. 

Transportation and communication were easy. The earlier civilizations arose in the river valleys of Asia and Africa between 3500 BC and the 1700 species. 

The earliest of them all is the civilization that was born in the valley of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia.  

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