What Technique Leonardo Da Vinci Used in the creation of Mona Lisa

What Technique Leonardo Da Vinci Used in the creation of the Mona Lisa

The technique used by Leonardo Da Vinci in the creation of the painting that left the whole world in astonishment as “sfumato” since he needed to make the paintings that looked real. He influenced his painting by including white (to tint) and dark (tone) to pure hues. 

At that point, diluting his oil paints, he layered transparent coatings, blends of pure color, and dark – shade, to improve the feeling of depth. Applying pure light colors over the darker coatings, Da Vinci made a warm luminosity in his works of art.

What Technique Leonardo Da Vinci Used in the creation of Mona Lisa/Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 

Sfumato‘s utilization in Mona Lisa is mostly at the edge of her lips and her eyes where the endeavoring to soften the outlines has left us confusing if the lady is really smiling or not. 

The method of sfumato is rendering the object’s color and detail as it subsided in distance. Da Vinci moreover tends to science to consummate his compositions. 

His exploration of nature and anatomy proved to be useful for his stunningly practical works of art and his analyzations of the human body helped his perfect depiction of the human figure

This technique now and then makes an image to some degree foggy however has produces incredible appearance overall. The procedure is a fine shading intended to create a delicate or hard to see perceive amongst hues and tones, with a specific end goal to accomplish a more realistic picture

It is used by making refined gradation that does not include lines or fringes, from areas of light to dark. The technique was utilized not exclusively to give a subtle and illusionistic rendering of the human face yet in addition to make rich atmospheric impacts. 

Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the technique as mixing colors, without the utilization of lines or borders “in the manner of smoke”.

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