Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries of India

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries of India

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Ten Art Galleries of india
Ten Art Galleries of India

1. National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi is initiated by the government of India. It was established in 1954, the gallery includes a gathering of more than 14,000 paintings by artists from India and abroad. Artworks in this wide combination incorporate works of Raja Ravi Varma, Tagore brothers, Jamini Roy and so forth. It is one of the best Art Galleries in India.

2. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Jahangir Art Gallery was established in 1952 in Mumbai. It is owned by a private organization and has artworks of practically all renowned Indian artists. Artists from India and abroad line up to get their work exhibited at this art gallery. Every art lover must visit this art Gallery once as this gallery has the finest artworks from around the world here.

3. National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore
National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore 

The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore was established in 2009 in Bangalore, it is one of the newest art galleries in India. Right now, the gallery has more than 500 paintings from both traditional and contemporary genres. Paintings in plain view are works of respectable artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Amrita Sher-Gil, Jamini Roy, and so on. The works of art are arranged and displayed by timeframes, artists, and school of art.

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4. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial was opened for the general public in the year 1921. The display has distinctive areas for Indian and outside works of art, Calcutta Gallery, Royal Gallery, Indian artworks, miniatures, and so forth, being a portion of those. The Royal Gallery is committed to works of art of Queen Victoria. The accumulation of western works of art incorporates depictions from any semblance of Charles D’oyly, Johann Zoffany, William Hadges, William Simpson, and so forth.

 5. Aakriti Art Gallery

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Aakrati Art Gallery
Aakrati Art Gallery 

Aakriti Art display has advanced as one of the unmistakable present day Art Galleries in India. The gallery has two centers, one in Kolkata and one in New Delhi. Conventional artworks, video art, installations, sculptures, and printmaking, are in plain view here. Art lovers can purchase modern art and contemporary art depictions from an online art shop as well. Aakrati gallery has strengthened the Gen-next shows which convey modern and help reaches to the youthful mass of India.

6. Mahua Art Gallery – Bangalore

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore
Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore

Mahua art gallery was established in 2002 by Sadhana Jaipuria, better known to the art world as Meenu. Situated at Bangalore Mahua gallery fills in as a stage for both young artists and famous artists as well, advancing, showing and making accessible their rich talents to art collectors in India.

7. Volte Art Gallery– Mumbai

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Volte Art Gallery, Mumbai
Volte Art Gallery, Mumbai
Situated at Worli Mumbai Volte Gallery has been a leading art gallery in India, grasping all media from painting, including video, establishment and performing art It displays the work of prominent South Asian and international artists.

 8. Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Academy of Fine arts, Kolkata
Academy of fine arts, Kolkata was established in 1933, the Academy is a standout amongst the most significant art galleries in India. Different renowned artworks by prominent Indian and foreign artists are shown here. A portion of the well-known artistic creations incorporates ‘Young lady with a pitcher’ and ‘A Winter’s Evening’ by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Works of artists like Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, M.F.Hussain, and so on, are likewise exhibited here.

9. Muse Art Gallery– Hyderabad

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India,/ Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Muse is one of the most famous art galleries in India. Muse Art Gallery is a contemporary space with more than 5000 sqft space in the heart of the city. Muse establishment was begun by Kaali Sundheer and J.K Sandhya as a not for a profit art gallery to advance art and charity. It conducts different programs, for example, lectures, discussions, and seminars.

10. Vadehra Art Gallery – New Delhi

Top Ten Must Visit Art Galleries in India/ Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Vadehra art gallery was founded in 1987 at New Delhi Since its establishment, Vadehra Art Gallery has promoted contemporary Indian art through exhibitions, reviews, distributions, and instructive projects. In the course of the most recent twenty years, the art gallery has turned into the locus through which works by both modern and contemporary artists have reached the general population.

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Pablo Picasso 4. Salvador Dali 5. Frida Kahlo

Indian Artist

1.G.R. Santosh  2. Jai Zharotia 3. Ramkinkar Vaij 4. Dhan Raj Bhagat 5. Somnath Hore 6. Raja Ravi Varma 7. Ratnabali Kant 8. Satish Gujral  9. Anjolie Ela Menon 10. Jagdish Swaminathan   11. Bishamber Khanna  12. Shanti Dave  13. Om Prakash  14. A Ramachandran 15. Arpita Singh 16. Gulam Mohammad Sheikh  17. Biren De  18. Manjit Bawa 19. Gogi Saroj Pal  20. Arpana Caur 21. Vivan Sundaram  22.Amar Nath Sehgal 23. Jatin Das  24.Meera Mukherjee 25. P. V. Janakiram 26. Ved Nayar 27. Mrinalini Mukherjee  28. Lydia Mehta 29. Krishna Reddy 30. Surindra Chadha 31. Anupam Sud 32. Sankho Chaudhuri 33. Gaganendranath Tagore 34. Rabindranath Tagore 35. Nandalal Bose  36. Abanindranath Tagore 37. Jamini Roy 38. Amrita Sher-Gil 39. A. R. Chughtai  40. Zainul Abedin 41. George Keyt 42. M.F. Husain 43. Binod Bihari Mukharji 44. K. G. Subramanyan  45. Krishen Khanna  46. Tyeb Mehta  47. Ram Kumar 48. Pran Nath Mago 49. F.N. Souza 50. B.C.Sanyal 51. K.S.Kulkarni 52. HarKrishan Lal 53. Jahangir Sabavala 54. Sailoz Mukherjee 55. N. S. Bendre  56. K.K.Hebbar 57. Bimal Das Gupta  

Female Artists:

1.Amrita Sher-Gil  2. Arpana Caur  3. Anupam Sud   4. Lydia Mehta   5. Mrinalini Mukherjee   6. Meera Mukherjee   7. Ratnabali Kant

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