Why Maithili Thakur and Her Brothers are Going Viral On Internet

Maithili Thakur and Her Brothers are Going Viral On Internet

Maithili Thakur and Her Brothers are Going Viral On Internet
Maithili and Her Brothers Rishav and Ayachi 

Social media is a platform where an ordinary person can become a superstar in a very short time. Maithili Thakur is also one of them, as we can see her and her two brothers in a video on the internet. 

Everybody wants to know about these three kids, singings superbly like trained classical singers.

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In the video, we can see that Maithili is singing while her brothers Rishav and Ayachi are on Tabla. They record the video with an ordinary selfie camera and uploads them on Facebook.

Basically, their family belongs to Madhubani, Bihar, but they moved to Delhi twenty years ago. Where they started to have training in Music. 

Maithili’s father has his own music the training center, so no surprise that Maithili is trained in classical singing. Maithili lives at Dwarka and completed her education from Bal Bhavan International School.

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Eighteen years old Maithili is not an ordinary girl, she has done more than 500 shows and was the first runner up of the first season of the popular TV show “Rising Star”. She is older than her both brothers. 

Her Younger brother Rishav likes to play Tabla, while Ayachi is the youngest who is sitting next to his siblings is clapping and singing along with his sister.

Bhajan Sung By Maithili Thakur Hamne aangan nahi buhara 

Maithili Thakur and Her Brothers are Going Viral On Internet
Maithili, Rishav, and Ayachi 

Ayachi himself is a very good singer, he is so trained in classical singing that anybody would be surprised to hear him sing so well at a very young age.

However, the credit for their extraordinary singing should go to their parents who always supported them and guide them in the right direction to stand where they are right now. 

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Their Father Ramesh Thakur has played the role of a mentor for them.

Ramesh Said That he moved to Delhi for work, got married and had three children. He also started to face some family problems; however, his children gave him a purpose to live, and he decided to give them training in music.

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