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B.C. Sanyal
B.C. Sanyal 

The oeuvre of B. C. Sanyal -sculpture and paintings- reveals that he is a man in love with life. A humane and sympathetic personality, Sanyal has been constantly creative in his thought and work. He continues to create works that are expressive of the urge to satisfy his questing spirit. 

His recent works show a remarkably steady unfaltering hand and mind, in the plastic as well as the paint media. As he once said, “I have, at long last, at the age of 95, learnt to hold the brush. I can now use it like a sword.”

This is obvious in the delightful handling of the brush in recent watercolors of Kangara Valley, wherein he has expressed his deep responses to the moods of nature. 

His interest in landscape and people has, in fact, increased. His visits to Andretta in the Kangara Valley have been regular since he first visited that sylvan place from Lahore in the early 1940s. 

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As Sanyal Says, “I start out with nothing in my mind, but when the spirit begins to move the brush, forms of hills, mountains, clouds, trees, fields, and pathways present themselves on paper as a circumstance of the moment. And soon, with the rapid movement of the brush, the scene seems to manifest itself better than the actual scene.” 

He has developed a unique form of landscape painting with highly
spirited brush strokes which give his works a liveliness of surface
quite different from many watercolors seen today. They are infused with a certain charm and freshness in the vigorous spontaneity of their rendering.

Sanyal is a master in suggesting forms without much detail and creating an effect that is not drab or common; an effect that is serene and pleasant. There is a balance of form and mood in the pictorial compactness of his pictures, at times fused with a subtle sense of humor.  

His self-portraits reveal the impressions of his own self-highly humorous and witty. A Doyen of Indian Art, Sanyal has not only created a wide impact of his art and personality but inspired many students and young contemporaries in the pursuit of their creative expression. 

Though his work has a certain decorative appeal, he symbolizes in his own way the merging of the traditional and the modern.  


The Vertical Woman: Reminiscences of B.C.Sanyal 

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