Bashir Badr: Complete Biography

Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr: Complete Biography
Bashir Badr

Dr. Bashir Badr is known as a prominent Urdu writer in India. Born on 15 February 1935, as Syed Muhammad Bashir, was the fourth child of Sayyed Nazir and Aaliya Begum.

Bashir has contributed to Urdu writing with his remarkable ghazals and worked as a Chairman of the Urdu Akademi.

Early Life and Education

Bashir Badr‘s Father was an Assistant Accountant in the Indian Police and profoundly regarded in the community. Bashir all through was a devoted and respectful kid. He indicated his interest in writing at an early age and composed his first sher when he was only seven. First of his sher were published in the magazine named ‘Nigaar‘ at Lucknow.

Bashir did his education from Halim College, Kanpur. He finished high school from Islamia College, Itawa in 1949 

Bashir had a close relationship with his father, who showed his child honesty in life. However, when he was only 16 sixteen his father became sick and it caused Bashir to abandoned his studies and earn for the family. 

Badr then rejoined to continue his study and completed his M.A. in 1967 and Ph.D. in 1973 from Aligarh Muslim University. During his first year of M.A., he stood first and was granted the ‘Sir William MorrisAward‘ and ‘Radhakrishan Award’ for achieving the first position in the second year as well. After his Ph.D. 

He published his book ‘Azadi Ke Baad Urdu Ghazal‘; which was awarded by the Bihar Academy Award. During his M.A. During his M.A., he brought many awards and honors to the university with his extraordinary work in the field of literature.

He showed his extraordinary ability in Shers and Mushayras as well. And his extensive indulgence in the competitions won him awards and acknowledgments during his education. Some of his poems were also included in the syllabus of M.A. (Urdu) in Aligarh Muslim University at the time when he was still studying there.

The books composed by Bashir are a reserve of incredible Urdu literature and still referred by students of the university.

He worked as a lecturer in the University as well and later as head of the department of Meerut College for seventeen years.

Personal Life

The voyage of this legendary writer was not easy. Bashir married and had two children ‘Nushrat Badr’ and Saba Wahid. However, a fire burnt down his house and he lost every possession of his and later he lost his wife as well.

This unfortunate tragedy affected him greatly and he experienced anguish and dejection. He kept himself in demolition for quite a while, and cut off from the outside world and gave up writing. Later he moved to Bhopal after being constantly insisted by his friends. 

Here he met Dr. Rahat and married her after some time. She gave him support and encouraged him to start writing again. He never looked back after that composed widely admired and award-winning works throughout this life.

Literary Life

He is considered as a pioneer in melting the delicate the delicacy of Urdu literature into English phrasing in a significant number of his verses.

His Ghazals, similar to those of Meer Taqi Meer, contain exceptionally contemporary Urdu, and can be easily understood by a vast majority of people.

Other than Urdu he also wrote in Persian, Hindi and English. He composed more than seven books of poems in Urdu and one in Hindi namely ‘Ikai’, ‘Image’, ‘Aamad’, ‘Aahat’, ‘Kulliyate Bashir Badr’, and so forth. 

He additionally has two books of literary criticism, ‘Azadi Ke Bad Urdu Ghazals Ka Tanqidi Mutala’ and ‘Biswin Sadi Mein Ghazal’. He likewise drew out an assortment of Urdu Ghazals in the Devnagari script, titled ‘Ujjale Apni Yadon ke‘.

The assortments of his Ghazals have been published in the Gujrati script as well. Some of his work has been translated into English and French.

His collection of 69 Ghazal ‘Aas’ is a jewel in his poetic career Bashir, one of his collection entitled ‘Kulliyate Bashir Badr’ has been published in Pakistan. The wide readership of his work has made him travel to U.S.A, Dubai, Pakistan, Qatar, and so forth.


His Ghazals are fundamentally an expression of anguished love and mysteries of life. This, together with his numerous perfect works of writing, will always remain as his greatest contribution to the Urdu Poetry and Literature.

He is the only person in the history of education to have studied from his own written books. He is also one of the most quoted writers in Indian pop-culture. The famous Vividh Bharti radio show Ujaale Apni Yaadon Ke also gets its title from one of Badr’s most famous Sher.

Ujale apni yaado ke hamare saath rahne do
Na jaane kis gali me zindagi ki shaam ho jaye

Awards and Honors

Bashir was honored and awarded numerous times during his lifetime.
He was awarded Padmashree by the President K.R Narayan, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in 1999 for high literary standards. He received Sahitya Academy grant in 1999 for his accumulation of 69 Urdu Ghazals ‘Aas’.

He was also a recipient of ‘Chirag Hasran Hasrat Award’ in Poonch, J&K in 2000, by Maulana Chirag Hasran Hasrat Award Committee. SVP National Police Academy awarded Bashir with honor at Hyderabad.

He has been honored with the prestigious ‘Padmashree’ awardHe likewise has been awarded by UP Urdu Academy multiple times and once by Bihar Urdu Academy. He has been bestowed with the Meer Academy Award, Poet of the year’80 New York, and so forth.

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