Sanjay Dutt was Sunil Dutt's life, these 7 pictures are the proof, seeing the third picture will give heart to Baba

Son Sanjay Dutt was Sunil Dutt's life. These 7 pictures are proof. Seeing the third pic, you will fall in love with Baba all image credit instagramsanjaydutt heading 1

Fans have not forgotten the era from Bollywood star Sunil Dutt to Sanjay Dutt, while the fans have liked this father and son duo a lot, that is why today we have brought 7 pictures of both of them which you will like.

Sunil Dutt, who ruled the hearts of fans from 1950 to 1970, was very close to his son Sanjay, this can be gauged by looking at this photo with Nargis.

Sunil Dutt's smile is worth seeing in this picture of Sanjay Dutt's childhood, on which fans are heartbroken

Another special picture of Dutt family in which Sanjay Dutt is seen with sister and father Sunil Dutt image credit instagramhiranirajkumar

In this family photo of Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt, you look carefully at teenager Sanjay Dutt, in which father's love is made on sight

There is another picture of Sanjay Dutt's childhood in which he is sitting on Sunil Dutt's lap. This beautiful picture was liked a lot by the fans.