"Stevie Nicks on 'Daisy Jones & the Six': 'A ghost watching my own story"


1. Stevie Nicks reflects on her life through the lens of the fictional band, Daisy Jones & the Six.

2. She describes the experience as being like a ghost, observing her own story unfold before her eyes.

3. Nicks finds it surreal to see her own journey mirrored in the pages of the book.


4. The book's portrayal of the music industry and its highs and lows resonates deeply with her own experiences.


5. Nicks acknowledges the power of storytelling, as it allows her to see her life from a different perspective.


6. She appreciates the opportunity to relive her past through the characters and events portrayed in the novel.

7. Nicks feels a sense of nostalgia and gratitude for the memories and moments that shaped her career.


8. The book serves as a reminder of the impact she had on the music world and the lasting legacy she created.

9. Nicks expresses a mix of emotions, ranging from joy to melancholy, as she reflects on her journey.

10. Ultimately, Nicks sees "Daisy Jones & the Six" as a unique way to connect with her own past and share her story with a new generation.