10 Vivekananda Quotes On Knowledge


1. Multifaceted Truths: "Truth is multifaceted, expressed in countless ways. Each expression can hold its own validity and significance."

Overcoming Weakness: "To perceive oneself as weak is the gravest error. Strength lies within, waiting to be recognized and harnessed."


 The Infinite Library of the Mind: "All the knowledge the world has ever gained is rooted in the mind. The universe's infinite library resides within our own consciousness, waiting to be explored."




True Education and Assimilation of Ideas: "Education is not merely the accumulation of facts within your mind. It is about assimilating ideas that build your life, shape your character, and make you a better human being."



Selecting Essential Knowledge: "With countless books and limited time, the key to knowledge is to select what is truly essential. Choose wisely, and strive to live up to the profound wisdom you acquire."



The Wisdom of the Heart: "When the heart and mind are at odds, follow the heart's guidance. While knowledge has limits, wisdom, born from the heart, is boundless."

Seeking Personal Truth: "Believe not blindly in what you read or hear. Seek truth through your own realization. Explore, question, and discover your own understanding."




Nature's Purpose and Knowledge: "The very existence of nature serves the soul's education. Its purpose is to impart knowledge, liberating the soul through profound insights and understanding."

Individuality and Learning: "Embrace the wisdom of others, but make it your own. Learn from various sources, yet infuse your unique perspective and essence into your understanding."


The Essence of True Teaching: "The authentic teacher is one who can effortlessly bridge the gap between himself and the student. Through empathy, he grasps the student's perspective, imparting knowledge with a profound connection."