Arpana Caur (b. 1954)

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Arpana Caur | Biography | Life | Artworks

Arpana Caur Biography
Arpana Caur Biography

Arpana Caur’s work symbolizes the emerging trend of a grow- ing consciousness among women—intellectuals and artists—not only for the search of self-hood and the need to forge new linkages with society but also for developing new sensibilities in the art that are distinctly felt in the figuration, content and the use of visual symbols. 

Arpana’s art deals with our time, our life in which boundaries, and contexts are being changed to meet the constantly grow- ing new realities. 

‘Nothing, except, perhaps, the human being is sacrosanct in art; for, the whole of her imagery revolves around the crumbling layers of the protection we wear around us’, according to an eminent critic. 

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In her various series of paintings, Arpana has candidly expressed situations of life, dealing particularly with women’s predicament and the increasing violence in our society, such as in her series of paintings entitled, Women in Interiors, World Goes On, Guardians of Law, Threat, Widows of Vrindavan, and others. 

She has made concerned statements on socio-political events. Since she is passionately aware of the man and his predicament, her paintings are images of the pungent the truth of life

Her more recent themes like Body is Just a Garment, however, they are more philosophical. 

She structures her composition using some typical characteristics of Pahari miniatures: the rounded figures, the curved horizon, the division of the background into the sky, earth and water; and the creation of many centers of activity in the pictorial format for expressing a multiplicity of ideas. 

Her works provide scope for discovering the aesthetic as well as the philosophical to the discerning.

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