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Biren De Painting
Biren De Painting

Biren De is commonly described as a tantrist painter, although he himself does not consider himself as a cult painter. 

His essential objective is to discover the true nature of things, of self-realization and identification with nature. His paintings possess a visionary quality in terms of a transcendental concept of light, of an effulgent, expansive kind. 

The forms are based on the principles of radiation, multi-petaled flower-like forms in their myriad manifestations. 

They are the images of energy that activates life, rendered in brilliant, glowing colors. 

Biren’s paintings are images of metaphysical introspection and help him to discover the intensity of light within him and establish a rapport With it—an experience which he wants to share with others. 

He conceives light as the nucleus, the matrix. It spreads, shoots and radiates but invariably returns to the core, to the pivot. 

There aren’t any easily recognizable elements in his works. There are no symbols except, perhaps, the lotus or the bursting seed. 

But then the unknown cannot be expressed in terms of anything known, in terms of stock imagery.

Biren is not a documentalist, nor does he escape into a state of fantasy. He eschews both and tries to give a pointer towards a more co-ordinated human existence in an effort to discover the truth of things. 

Biren had once stated about his own work thus: My paintings, I believe, are organic examples of the total me; of what I am and what I would like to be: a continuous striving, and therefore, a struggle, to put the shattered pieces together and make a composite whole. 

My guideline is an oscillation between two points; between the peace of a graveyard and the peace of the center of the sun. 

Biren De Untitled (1959)
 Biren De Painting-Untitled (1959)

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      Either way, there is no end, no finality. It’s a journey towards a possible efflorescence—through finding, feeling, knowing and being the diamond core of energy within and the energy all around us; a simultaneous implosion-explosion of perception. 

      Biren De 1951 "Three Fisherman" -
      Biren De Painting -1951 “Three Fisherman” 

      It’s touch and comes to touch all the way; a process of hard resistance and slow but sure acceptance;—a process that, hopefully, will lessen the gap between the two points with the passage of time, until it’s time for total surrender to and merger with “IT” (light? energy? God? a state of compassionate consciousness?- I don’t know how one should describe it). This to me seems to be the challenge. Isn’t it the same for everyone?

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