Jai Zharotia (b.1945)

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Jai Zharotia | Biography | Life | Artworks

Jai Zharotia Biography, Life, Artworks
Jai Zharotia Biography, Life, Artworks

Jai Zharotia expresses himself in symbols which correspond to his inwardly apprehended feelings; he does not attempt to create symbols which correspond either to the objective correlates of his sensation (by imitating the appearance of what he sees), nor does he attempt to accommodate his feelings to a common language or invention. He creates very personal symbols as if to reassure his mind. 

He does not duplicate nature. For one thing, duplication of nature is neither necessary nor possible; and second, the very act of creation causes a rebirth.

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But the important point is that the heart must contribute its share undisturbed by reflective consciousness. 

He is one of those artists who penetrate to the region of that ‘secret place’ where primeval power nurtures all evolution. 

It is not an easy matter to interpret Jai’s work which really expresses itself in its own ‘language, for he seems to possess the means of making others move in his sense of direction. 

It seems that when spiritual, metaphysical, material or immaterial events come into his life, he just freezes them by way of drawing or painting

It is not the subject that really matters to him, but its abstraction by means of drawing and painting

The shapes of all things tend to become beings, and so comprehensible in the great void or space of one’s mind; they intrigue the eye and stimulate one’s imagination. 

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The meaning comes into focus only when one has looked at them in quietude and meditation. His important works, such as Luqman Ali, The King, and the Ladder, Bull and the Woman Rider, Acrobats, The World of the Clown, Extension of Desire, The Game of Love, Space Mirage and Mystery and Prakriti, provide an insight into his personal life. 

The works, which reveal his inner being, depict startling images, amusing devices, and gently mischievous interpretations of ponderous classical themes. These, indeed, serve as subject matter for his works.

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