Kanu Desai

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(1907) Kanu Desai, a famous artist of Gujarat, was born in 1907 AD. Your art education took place in Shanti Niketan and you got the opportunity to be a disciple of Nandlal Basu. After studying there, he became a professor of arts in Gujarat Vidyapeeth.

You were a patriotic artist. You have often created paintings in a traditional style in which the beauty of the lines is visible. You have mostly made pictures related to Radha-Krishna, Meera, celebrations, festivals and cosmetic events.

All your paintings are dominated by soft colors and lines. In many of your paintings, you have tried to give the impression of infinity by using wide expanse of sky and flat brush.

Many collections of your paintings have been published in the form of photo galleries.

You were also associated with the film Jungle and did art direction in many excellent films. Among these, Ram Rajya, Baiju Bawra and Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje etc. are especially famous. You also received the Filmfare Award.

Your pictures are generally of three types: color pictures, line drawings and shadow pictures. You have mostly made color paintings in water medium. Black ink is used in the remaining two types of paintings.

Meera, Radha Krishna, Bharat Mata, Vat Savitri and Archana etc. are your beautiful pictures.

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