Lydia Mehta (b. 1923)

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Lydia Mehta | Biography | Life | Artworks

The aesthetic enjoyment in the Indian tradition is based on and aimed at, the citta—the creative centre where the appropriate shape/ form of an image is determined. 

It was, therefore, deemed necessary to activate the Citta-shakti to revive the experience and give it shape or form in rupa and nama. Lydia Mehta seems to be very close to the Indian approach to art, its meaning and purpose. 

For her, it has been an experience of absorption and a journey inwards to fulfil her creative function as an artist. 

She gradually established herself first as a potter, then as a ceramic sculptor. She has extended her approach to form, technique and content since she first displayed her ceramic sculptures in 1987. 

Through the insight of her creative imagination, she has shaped a profound and meaningful spiritual aspect of her confrontation with life. 

And through meaningful creative experience, she has endeavoured to establish links between human consciousness and the atman—the individual self—in order to integrate all levels of consciousness and achieve a synthetic vision. 

She works in stoneware and porcelain with remarkable proficiency, the irresistible quality of high reduction firing is reminiscent of the classic Japanese and Chinese ceramic ware. 

Her Body and Soul series present knowledge, Heads conveys a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquillity, and the world Mothers expresses love for all children of the world. 

All her images represent experiences and states of her soul consciousness. 

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