Role Of Folk Tradition In Indian Contemporary Art

Role of folk tradition in Indian contemporary art

India has always been known as a land that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its traditional arts and crafts. Every region in India has its own style and pattern of art, which is known as folk art.

There is a vast storehouse of folk experiences and expression in painting, sculpture as well as music, dance, drama and pottery, which is alive and of which our artists have only recently become more aware.

In fact since independence, there has been an exciting resurgence of the creative spirit throughout rural India. Many Indian artists have turned to the rich and extensive traditions of folk art for inspiration.

Being culturally diverse and distinct, a variety of art forms have evolved over the years, some of which remain untouched by modernization.

Some adapt to new colors, materials, and contemporary themes.

This article is an attempt to analyze the role of folk tradition in Indian contemporary art through various structures of consciousness, in order to demonstrate the further development and influence of these traditions to reflect on modern Indian art landscapes. Could.

We can better understand contemporary Indian art activity if we understand the influence of folk art.

The folk and tribal art of India is very simple, yet the rich tradition of the country is colorful and vibrant.

Folk art in India clearly has great potential in the international market due to its aesthetic sensibility and authenticity.

Rural folk paintings of India have distinctive colorful designs, which are associated with religion and mystical motifs.

However, folk art is not limited to paintings only but also extends to other art forms such as pottery, home decoration, jewelry, music and dance, cloth making, etc.

One of the most important modernists of the 20th century in the world of Indian fine arts, Jamini Roy is known for his brilliant depictions of India’s folk culture and rural ethos.

The beauty of Roy’s work was such that it gained him both national and international recognition, with his paintings being compared to those of the famous French artist Henri Matisse.

However, in the present times, folk art is not limited to canvases or walls only, as it is becoming prevalent among the common people through daily wear, prints on clothes like T-shirts, prints on tea cups, etc.

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