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In the study of painting in Indian art schools and universities, the importance of the history of modern painting has increased with the idea of acquiring theoretical knowledge of art. With the spread of modern painting, the thirst of art lovers to remove its veil of incomprehensibility and enjoy its mysterious beauty has increased.

Modern art has achieved a certain place in Western art fields, construction fields and social life and has proved that the form of art of modern times can only be modern.

The common Indian viewer considers modern paintings as incomprehensible and esoteric. But if we observe his selection of items of daily use – clothes, utensils, house etc., then it will be clear that he likes these items mostly in modern form.

Therefore, there can be no doubt about the social importance of modern art. The question is only about the propriety of presenting to the society the pure experiments done by the painter under modern painting.

When the pure art work created through such experiments is placed before the ignorant audience, it naturally arouses curiosity in them.

The author has emphasized the need to evaluate modern art keeping in mind the Indian philosophy of life and situation.

The history of modern art mainly consists of four periods; First, the period is the second half of the nineteenth century; Second, from the beginning of the twentieth century till the end of the First World War, third, between the two World Wars and fourth, after the Second World War.

The artistic and social importance of modern art till the end of the First World War and the excellence of the major artists of that period have definitely been evaluated.

Therefore, the art history of this period has been described in some detail. After the Second World War, the basis of various experiments in the field of modern art were the artistic principles published by the artistic experiments in the early period of the twentieth century and later, on the basis of those artistic elements, efforts were made to provide timely form or effective expression to the artworks.

The original contribution of Indian artists in the history of modern art is negligible, because no new inventions were made here with independent inspiration.

Only by following the experiments conducted in Europe and America, artefacts have been created using modern numbering methods; Yes, there is definitely a direct or indirect glimpse of Indianness in them.

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