The Female Portrait in Indian Miniature Painting

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  1. Title- Woman standing with carafe and drinking bowl
  • Indian miniatures
  • Period: 1740
  • Materials and techniques: paper, deck paint, gouache (paint)
  • Technique: Brush
  • Measurements: Height 229 mm × Width 146 mm

  1. Title- Girl holding calf
  • Indian miniatures
  • Location: Bidar (probably)
  • Period: 1700 – 1750
  • Materials and Techniques
  • Materials: Paper Gouache (Paint)
  • Technique: Brush
  • Measurements: Height 246 mm × Width 153 mm

Description: A woman with a calf under her right arm in a garden with flowering bushes and cypress trees. He has a flower in his left hand.

Note: Several versions of this scene are known, in which the woman is depicted with other animals.

शीर्षक- बछड़ा पकड़े हुए लड़की

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