के० माधव मेनन

K. Madhav Menon

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K. Madhavamenon One of the painters from Kerala who has made a notable contribution to contemporary Indian art is Shri K. Madhavamenan of Annamalai University.

In fact, Mr. Menon is more of an artist of the last generation of Bengal style and less of a modern one. His early education took place at Shantiniketan under the direction of Abanindranath Tagore and Nandlal Basu. He was also the disciple of Shri Deviprasad Raychaudhuri in Madras for some time.

After this, he painted a series of Indian animals and birds which became very popular. He is in the tradition of Rajput and Mughal miniature paintings and his paintings of animals grazing in pastures and deers wandering in forests put him in the category of the best artists of his era.

Apart from this, he also depicts trees and nature very beautifully, especially the bamboo grove, in which he has filled the unique charm of solitary scenes.

His nature paintings have been painted with very soft brush strokes. Due to these, his place has come to be counted among the great masters of Indian miniature painting.

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