Satyen Ghoshal-Nature in Meditation 1988 oil and mixed media on canvas

Satyen Ghoshal

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Ghoshal had artistic talent since childhood. He not only obtained a diploma with distinction from the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta but also emerged as a skilled craftsman and a qualified teacher. Initially, he was a fine arts teacher at Delhi Polytechnic for some time, and in 1951, he was appointed professor at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta.

While living in Delhi, Ghoshal Babu did many experiments related to art and tried to develop his original style. His art from around 1948 has a faithfully realistic approach to nature. But the signs of his creative talent are visible in it.

His work started gaining spontaneity, dynamism, and vigor but still, he did not distort the figures. He tried to paint the bodies and structures of objects with broad brushstrokes of different forces of color, with absolute purity of perspective. In a way, this situation was between realism and impressionism.

The second phase of development of his art began in 1955. He began to be influenced by post-impressionist European artists. His figures started becoming more vigorous, rhythmic, and simple. Their boundaries also started being drawn in a linear manner. In this way, he was also influenced by the Indian traditional drawing method.

The figures became symbolic and distinctly Indian. In 1954 he went on a tour to England, France, Scotland, and Switzerland. From here he absorbed many new ideas and tried to integrate them after returning to India.

At the same time, he seriously embraced traditional Indian art, folk art, and new artists like George Keats. Due to all this, the element of expression became stronger in his art. Still, he did not give up depicting human aspects, although his style kept moving from concreteness to abstraction.

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